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Inner Balance

30min - 45€      60min - 75€      75min - 90€

Calming and comforting full body massage to restore your inner balance and tranquility. Sound of vibration of Tibetan singing bowl on your energy paths ways combined with a relaxing massage using warm oil that helps to release blocked energy, soothes and calms both the mind and body. 


30min - 45€      60min - 75€      75min - 90€

Oriental fusion massage inspired by Ayurvedic and Thai techniques, includes stretching, pressure and spicy Indian oils with sesame, coconut, black cumin, Indian saffron, neem and garden poppy. These are the six elements that work on the three doshas. 

Deep Tissue Therapy 

30min - 55€      60min - 85€      75min - 100€

Deep tissue massage combined with Ginger and Camphor hot herbal compresses is targeted to heat up the tissues, to increase circulation, release built-up toxins, muscle tension and loss of flexibility. Customised to your pressure preference.

Hot Stone Ritual

60min - 90€      75min - 105€

The touch of the therapist hands combined with warm lava stones and aromatic oils stimulates blood flow, increases circulation, relaxes stressed muscles and leaves you with a long-lasting sensation of warmth and inner calm.

Luxury Aroma Therapy

60min - 90€      75min - 110€ 

Aromatherapy Rituals for your body and emotions. Choose from either relaxing, anti-anxiety or an energy boosting blend with firming, stimulating and sculpting body treatment.


60min - 95€      75min - 110€      90min - 130€

The masters massage is tailored to your needs. A blend of special essential oils, hot herbal compresses, hot rocks, deep tissue, ayurvedic, methods are applied, based on your physical and emotional state. 

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